They Cage the Animals at Night Essay

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They Cage the Animals at Night gives a very accurate description of a little boy in the foster care system. This book is from a child’s point of view. Many times adults do not realize that children are not finished growing yet. They do not have the same process of adults. Jennings had to grow up long before he should have. Jennings mother had some problems herself. One of Jennings brothers hinted that her problems might just be in her head. Jennings mother may have been stressed because of her enormous responsibility. She loved her children and cared for them the best way that she knew how, but sometimes she just did not have enough resources to do so. At some points in the story, there was a reversal of roles. Jennings was forced to care for his mother when she fell of the roof. He had to feed her and give her medicine. His older brother had to take on the role of provider for his brothers. Jennings had to provide emotional support for Gene. Larry ran away because he had to assist his mother too much. Jennings had to adapt to his surroundings. When he first went to the orphanage, he had to learn the system. He knew that if he were not in the right spot, he would not eat. Jennings had to adapt to his changing environments. Later in the story, when he got to an orphanage, Jennings immediately tried to adapt. Jennings found the boy who would be in front of him in line and took note of what he looked like. Jennings began to adapt survival mechanisms. He began to try not to get close to any of the other boys. Jennings knew that he would not be in the same place long. He became attached to a stuffed animal named Doggie. Jennings knew that Doggie could not hurt him because he was not real. Jennings learned how to keep his mind off not going home. He survived by acting as if he was tough and not being bullied. Doggie was locked up at nighttime. The nun said that
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