Thesis Statement For Mexican Immigration

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Mexican Immigration [pic] [pic] Chris Coleman Mrs. Prasad June 1, 2006 World Cultures Pd. 8 Thesis Statement: Mexico has the highest rate of immigration to the U.S, but is this becoming a problem for the U.S America is the largest country with immigrants. This is due to the fact that immigrants are willing the do odd jobs that no one wants, which brings them money and gives them a better opportunity in life what some may say is the American life. 14.5 million, about half of the nation’s 28.4 million foreign-born residents were born in Latin America, but out of all those people those people 70% are illegal immigrants who are from Mexico. This is a very large number and this shows the impact that…show more content…
“Some cities like Takoma Park, Md have declared themselves sanctuary cities” (Toncreda). “They say treat all immigrants equally” (Toncreda). Isn’t that funny, they’re in our country (America) but are sanctioned by the city from laws that we the people are not exempt from. I don’t see how that’s fair. America is trying to clamp down on this illegal immigration problem. In December 2005, a law and order was passed that would tighten the nation’s border and make it a felony to be in the country illegally. Some Americans think this is a change for the better, while others think other wise. So the Senate decided to introduce a guest-worker program that would let workers into the U.S to work and seek permanent residency after six years. The old law use to be a 5 year wait and a clean…show more content…
While others are looking to escape challenges in their homes. One young lady named Laura Cabllero was 14 when she snuck across the border. She was forced to because of her father who rewarded his children’s willingness to read and write by forcing them to eat their pencils and paper. She has lived a rough life and works on a farm, but she believes this is better than her old home. “This is nothing, nothing at all to me. I am happy now, so happy you cannot imagine. My hands may ache today and they may ache tomorrow, but next week they will only be that much stronger” (Warrick). Now she is a legal citizen and part of a group that many women that were in her situation have joined Farm worker Women’s Leadership Project. Works Cited “Immigration: Bush Sets Enforcement, Guest Worker Plan.”1 Dec. 2005 (Facts On File World News Digest @ Facts On File News Services. 23 May 2006 . “Immigration Debate (Research Feature).” Facts On File World News Digest @ Apr. 2006. Facts On File News Service. 23 May 2006 . Tancredo, Tom. “Those Who Aid Illegal Wonder Are Destroying Americas Future.” KRT News Service. 6 Apr. 2006. SIRS Researcher. SIRS Knowledge Source. May. 2006

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