Thesis Statement and Sample Bibliography Essay

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Thesis statement: Studies indicate that social service providers and non-professional caregivers can significantly ameliorate the effects of secondary traumatic stress (STS) through improved education, effective support and coping strategies, and beneficial changes in healthcare policy. Annotated Bibliography American Psychological Association (APA). (n.d.) Family caregiving. Retrieved from This source is a factsheet published by the American Psychological Association, the premiere professional psychology organization in the United States, which has a mission to advance psychological knowledge to benefit society and the individual. The information includes a profile of family caregivers and the services they provide. It also includes a detailed overview of the impact on caregiving for the caregiver. Most useful to caregivers is a list of the types of support that can benefit them to include the following: education and counseling, respite care, individual and group therapy, financial support, home health care, etc. The factsheet is extremely well referenced and supports the point in thesis regarding the need for greater support for family caregivers. Kees, N., & Lashwood, P. (1996). Compassion fatigue and school personnel: remaining open to the affective needs of students. Educational Horizons, 7, 541-44. Most of the research on compassion fatigue (CF) focuses on crisis workers, including health professionals and social workers. However, this source examines the role of CF as it relates to school personnel who are dealing with the emotional concerns of students. An effective aspect of this article is the reasoned discussion of primary and secondary stress reactions. The authors explain that secondary traumatization can occur in school personnel who may experience restimulation when exposed to the

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