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Thesis Statement & Outline: Online Education Vs. Traditional Education Thesis: In this day and age, it’s possible to obtain a good education in a classroom and even online. Whether one is pursuing an education online or in a classroom, both ways of learning have their pros and cons. Introduction: * 1st main point: A. Upside to online education 1. You’re learning the same things students learn on a college campus 2. it’s possible to get an education from the comfort of your own home * Online education makes it easier to work a full or part-time job while going to school B. Downside to online education 1. Online education isn’t for people with lack of discipline 2. Online education makes it harder for those with lack of discipline to complete assignments 3. With online education you’re learning on your own 4. Asking questions pertaining to the course may become difficult 5. Online education isn’t interactive II. 2nd main point: * Upside to traditional education * It’s possible to be social while learning in a classroom * Being in a classroom is hands on * While learning the traditional way instructors are available to you * Traditional learning allows one to share their experiences with others * Downside to traditional education * Traditional learning makes it hard to work and take care of a family * Traditional learning is more demanding than online education * With traditional learning you’re learning with others and everyone has a different learning styles 3rd main point: * Getting jobs with traditional and online diplomas * As far as the job

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