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[pic] ISBE, PUNE THESIS TITLE “STUDY OF SERVICE OPERATION AT CASTROL BIKE ZONE” SUBMITTED TO ISBE IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF THE AWARD FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION UNDER THE GUIDENCE OF PROF. SIMANTEE SEN SUBMITTED BY AALAP BARAI PGP/FW/10-12/ISBE-A, ISBE-A/PGP-FW/PUNE588/10-12 Abstract This thesis topic STUDY OF SERVICE OPERATION AT CASTROL BIKE ZONE – The survey and Questionnaire is based on the research carried out for the Castrol bike zone with the help of authorized dealer. There was vast data collected with the help of dealer. The questionnaire was prepared and given to Authorized service center of Bikes serviced at Castrol bike zone and the analysis and the feedback of the customer was taken after the data and remarks were collected from customers. . All the necessary data’s were collected and study on survey was made to figure out where the automobile industry is with after sales service and how will the engine lubricant oil brand CASTROL is been in service market of 2-wheeler. Objectives of the Research: The research objectives for the project undertaken can be defined as follows: ❖ To examine the customer perception about the Castrol Bike Zone. ❖ To judge the satisfaction level of bike owners of different brands at Castrol Bike Zone. ❖ The research tracks responses at following two layers ➢ Product related parameters ➢ Service Station related parameters ❖ To analyze the psychographic variables of the customers at Castrol Bike Zone Scope of the study: It is aimed to study the satisfaction level of the customer at Castrol Bike Zone. The project is analyzed the demographic, psychographic and satisfaction characteristics of the customers in servicing the bike. It includes the detailed study of customers focusing on the

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