Thesis Driven Essay Outline: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Alexandra Bermudez Thesis Driven Essay: Early Draft ENC 1101-008 19 November 2012 Outline for Thesis-Driven Essay I. Introduction A. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, a man that went down in history and a Nobel prize for giving numerous speeches that motivated people to take action and fight for their rights. Is it possible that we praise a man whose words were not sincere because they were not even his own? There are a numerous amount of researcher that have proof that this “heroic figure”, as majority of Americans view him, plagiarized both in college and in a vast amount of all the speeches he gave to the massive crowds. Americans should reevaluate the way the positive ways they think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because the words he expressed were not originally his. II. Body Paragraph 1…show more content…
The first public sermon that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ever gave, in 1947 at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, was plagiarized. Ever since he started giving speeches he never meant the words he said because he did not come up with the speech, rather he used the words of others. B. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s doctoral dissertation contains over 50 plagiarized sentences, this meaning that he was awarded with a PhD title for presenting a dissertation that he did not originally create. III. Body Paragraph 2 A. After analyzing Garrow’s article, one is led to believe that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s reason for cheating is because he wanted to become a political figure who would have extra power for obtaining a PhD. Due to the fact that his poor intellectual ability was an obstacle for him to obtain the title that he earned fairly, he went after them by any means necessary. B. Americans should stop giving this man all the credit they do because majority of his work was not even his. They should praise other people who actually did do good for america and did not need to recur to

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