Thesis About Wi-Fi Essay

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Operation of Wi-Fi in Lyceum of the Philippines University As Perceived by LPU Students Importance of offering quality education is paramount, for many universities that are embattled in their quest to become more competitive. They provide quality education which deals with many variations of technologies that will help educators in teaching. Wi-Fi technology is becoming popular particularly in educational institutions. Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi) is one of the most popular wireless networking technologies that use radio waves to provide wireless high-speed internet access and network connections. Wi-Fi is not a technical term. However, the Wi-Fi Alliance has already enforced its use to describe only a narrow range of connectivity technologies including WLAN based on IEEE 802.11 standards. This standard is a working group for wireless local area networks. It is a medium that establishes a connection among the members of the Local Area Network. It was developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and was released in 1997. (Marshall and Wilson 2010) With wireless networking the cables are eliminated and the network connections become easier. With so many benefits of the wireless network, many tertiary institutions have provided WLANs at campuses for students and faculties.Wi-Fi technology is quickly gaining a foothold in LPU as a means to become more competitive from other institutions and also to provide their students the benefits of having a wireless connection. In connection to this the researcher tries to know the perception or awareness of the students regarding the Operation of Wi-Fi at Lyceum of thePhilippines University -Batangas. It has been observed that the Operation of Wi-Fi in LPU really affects the behaviour of the students. As a researcher we have been captivated by those observations that’s why we became interested to
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