Thesis About Bilingual Education

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One of the considerately biggest places for opportunities is United States and education is the biggest way to accomplish one's dreams, but when someone moves to the U.S. from another country, not being fluent in English can be a huge barrier to being able to accomplish what one wants, and being successful in the educational system. Therefore, the people who control the education system have set specific standards in order to teach students who are learning the English language. In order to prompt the development of English Language development set standards have been initiated that keep up with the subjects that the other students who speak English are learning and are being tested on. The idea of that is great and should promote both content…show more content…
They say, speaking their native language in class would take away from the set time dedicated to learning other content, but it would be easier if students were allowed to ask questions in their native language and communicate in a language they are comfortable speaking in and asking questions. Learning content would be easier for them because they would be able to ask questions and if they had any problems, identify the problem and fixing that problem would be a lot more simple due to being able to use their native language to understand what that problem is and fixing it with their understanding of the language. In allowing ELL students to use their native language they are given the ability to ask questions in both the language they are learning and the one they are completely comfortable communicating in which is beneficial to their ability to learn a new language with the understanding they already have of their native language. With bilingual classes, both ELL students and English speaking students can work in the same environment and class. Bilingual classes bring the students closer together to better both groups, the students are able to work together to help each other understand things that they might not understand. So not only do both groups learn and work with two languages they meet new people they wouldn't have met or had class if it was not for those bilingual classes. Studies have been made to show the effects of bilingual education and how students would benefit from being in a bilingual class, “ELLs who had gotten waivers to remain in small bilingual programs were equally proficient in English and did just as well on state tests when compared with ELLs in English-only programs” (Sanchez). So bilingual education can improve the communication between ELL students
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