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Thesis tips: Step back from the conversation about childhood obesity and give insight into why this is such a difficult issue facing our country. What does the conversation among the 3 authors reveal about the issue? Pretend you were sitting near Zincenko, Balko, and Weintraub at Starbucks. They were discussing childhood obesity in the U.S. You don’t give them your opinion, but you walk away and a friend asks you, “What were those guys talking about so passionately?” You tell your friend, “Well, this is what each guy said, but here is what they were really thinking.” See how you are commenting on the conversation or the debate and what the authors were really saying and how that relates to the issue? Analytical thesis examples 1. An analysis of ____________ reveals one challenge facing __________: describe challenge here. 2. All three authors focus on who’s to blame for the childhood obesity issue whereas a solution can only be found on talking about what actually works. For this thesis example, you would then pull from your analysis notes that are relevant to placing blame but not offering solutions. Go through each author and talk about where they place blame and why, where they don’t flesh out a solution, maybe where 2 of the authors hint at the same solution. Point out that Zincenko has a hidden assumption that all of society should help fight childhood obesity but does not mention in what specific ways. 3. The most cost-effective solution to childhood obesity is the best solution because there is so much money at stake. For this thesis example, your analysis would focus on what each author said about the cost of childhood obesity and what motivated them to say that. How they differ and how they are similar in their arguments. So, your thesis comes from your insight into the conversation among the 3 authors that is

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