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A. Specific Topics 1. ANNULMENT First of all let us define what we mean by annulment. According to the laws of the Church annulment happens when a marriage that we thought valid was not really that legally binding. This means that the very day the wedding happened or sometime after it, one of the parties involved showed a possible defect that have affected the their bond and therefore resulting to a failed marriage. With a failed marriage, these parties often seek grounds for separation. The most common grounds are: A lack of due discretion, Defective consent, Psychic incapacity, and Informal Cases. The grounds stated above are usually brought to court to be proven true and which party is incapable in the marriage. Being a values education teacher, one of our primary roles is educating our students about these things. What happens when a person hastily marries just because of a so called pretense of being in love or being pregnant? Of course a separation between husband and wife will happen because in the first place all they did was to commit to a marriage that they both aren’t ready to face yet. I’ve actually known a girl who at 19 married her boyfriend because she was pregnant. She soon finds out that the man she is so in love with is a deadbeat. He refuses to work for the family they have become, and all he does is drink beer with his friends. Years of hard work, child care the girl, now a woman with a career, decided that she can go on with her life without her husband. She filed an annulment claiming that if she had known before the marriage what kind of a misfit her husband really was she never would have married him in haste. This is just one example of a case wherein we can learn a lot about marriage and how we should think twice before we commit. Annulment brings many negatives in our lives. One of which is having our children have an incomplete

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