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These are my suggestions for the program: For the first day: I think we still need to have a program for the first day. a. Registration b. Prayer c. National Anthem (for the prayer and national anthem, we have 2 options. (1) I have a multimedia video on Who am I prayer and the national anthem but we need lcd, laptop, microphone and speakers; (2) We can just ask one from the participants to lead the prayer and the singing of the national anthem. I can prepare the prayer at babasahin na lang.) d. Recognition of participants and brief welcome e. Rationale for the whole 2-day event (What are to be done for the first day and the second day) f. Preparatory meeting (Since this is the main agenda for the first day, participants can be divided into workshop groups. Looking at the awards to be given on the second day, each workshop group shall be nominating among themselves for the awards. Halimbawa, basketball player siya noon during our HS days, now best basketball player pa rin siya kasi siya ang pinakamaraming anak (para naman may katuwaan), something like that. And this would also be a venue for an initial sharing of one’s life and development since our theme naman is PANAGIINNILIW, although the sharing would be among the workshop group muna. Itutuloy ang sharing on the second day pero hindi na lang sa workshop group but before the whole group/participants na. We need to form a selection committee which shall decide who among the nominees shall be given awards. Sa selection committee isusubmit ng mga workshop groups all their nominations. The presentation of all the workshop groups,as well as the awarding, shall be done on the second day. I suggest that during the presentation, all the participants, meaning the members of each group MUST speak para ipakilala ang sarili, anong section siya noon, what is his/her present work , or kumusta siya at present.

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