Thermoreceptors And Touch Receptors Case Study

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Module 5 Written Assignment 1. Explain how adaptation relates to our thermoreceptors and touch receptors. What is referred pain and how could it be dangerous? Thermoreceptors and touch receptors are both nerves. The thermoreceptors Referred pain is when the perception of pain coming from parts of the body that isn’t actually stimulated. It’s dangerous, because you don’t know where the real dangerious areas really point too. If you didn’t have touch receptors, you wouldn’t know what information like location, shape, size, texture and movement. 2. Explain why olfaction and gustastion are considered “chemical” special senses (think of how these two senses work). Explain the importance of hair cells with the sense of hearing and equilibrium. Lastly, compare and contrast rod and cone cells' location, function, and overall amount. Both olfaction…show more content…
Explain the role the hypothalamus and pituitary gland have in the regulation of the endocrine system. What would happen if there were no negative feedback control on growth hormone and thyroid hormone? The hormonal secretion is controlled by negative feedback mechanisms. The stimulus triggers the production of hormone worse direct or indirect effects that reduce the intensity of the stimulus. The simplest case, endocrine activity may be controlled by humoral stimuli – changes in the composition of the exetracelluar fluid. The control of blood calcium levels are controlled by two hormones, parathyroid hormone and calcitinin. The calcium levels are the blood decline, parathyroid hormone is released and the response of target cells elevates blood calcium levels. The blood rise, calcitonin is released and the response of target cells lower blood calcium levels. The endocrine activity is also controlled by hormonal stimuli or changes in the levels of circulating stimuli. The hypothalamus provides the highest level of endocrine control by acting as an important link between the nervous and endocrine systems. (pg

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