Thermography Essay

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Preface Table of Content 1.0 Introduction P.1 2.0 Theory of thermography P.2 - 5 3.0 Infrared Thermography Applications Overview P.6 - 12 4.0 Features of Maximum Accuracy and Comfort P.13 - 22 1.0 Introduction 1.1What is IR Thermography? Graph 1.1 Visible photograph and two infrared thermograms, one with a rainbow palette and the other with an iron bow palette. 2.0 Theory of thermography 2.2 What is the electromagnetic spectrum? 2.1 What is Infrared? Graph 2.1 The electromagnetic spectrum 2.3 Where does infrared energy come from? 2.4 What is Infrared Thermography? Visible light Near infrared “Night Vision” Thermal infrared Graph 2.5 Night vision goggles amplify small amounts of visible light (and sometimes near infrared light) thousands of times so objects can be seen at night. 2.6 If IR cameras don’t see temperature, what am I seeing on an IR image? Graph 2.4 Black and white and color thermograms of a person; and a visible light photograph. Note the glasses appear cool because they are cooler than the skin and longwave infrared energy will not pass through glass. You can see the temperature patterns on the face, reds are warmer, yellows and greens are cooler. Thermal patterns on the skin surface can be indicative of disease and are sometimes used to aid medical diagnoses. 2.5 How is thermal imaging different from “Night Vision” goggles? Graph 2.6 Three aluminum cans with partially oxidized surfaces and a strip of black electrical tape. The can on the left is hot, middle can is ambient and right can is cold. 2.7 Basic Concept (Equation 2.7a) (Equation 2.7b) 2.8 What is a blackbody, a graybody, a realbody? Graph 2.8 The mathematical model for black body radiation curves by Max Planck 3.0 Infrared Thermography Applications Overview Graph 3.0 Thermogram showing water
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