Thermodynamics Essay

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Hussein Jaber H00137436 Marcet Boiler 11/15/2012 Abstract This lab was attempted in order to study the relationship between saturated pressure and temperature. The process experimental and theoretical values for both heating and cooling and the errors achieved where minimal and are 2.76% and 0.95% for heating and cooling respectively a. Our main findings were that the relationship between pressure and temperature is that they are directly proportional. Other major calculated values include MC and αAs which are 105.3 kJ/K and 0.252 kW/m2K respectively. Introduction Thermodynamics is the study of energy transformation and the relationships among the various physicals qualities or properties of matter. This lab is important because it teaches us the relationship between temperature and pressure and the temperature when a fluid is being cooled or heated (for example the fuel in a car). There are many applications for using boilers from big industries to home use. Typical home use applications of a boiler include heating drinking water for simple devices like water dispensers. Other home uses include water heaters which are used to heat water for domestic uses (like showering). Industries also use boilers mainly for two reasons which are to produce steam for heating and to drive turbines in order to generate electricity. The marcet boiler used in this lab is basically a water heater; it contains an electric heater underneath the contained vessel which heated up the water without releasing its steam. When the water is needed you simply open the tap of the valve and release it. It is a simple device that is used for learning purposes only and teaches us the process of attaining hot water as a result. In this lab our objective is to analyze the relationship between pressure and temperature of the fluid between 0 to 14 bars gauge and to compare our

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