Thermodynamics Essay

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Thermodynamics What…? Is usually the first respond to a person talking about thermodynamics. Well, today we are not going to be that person. People think that thermodynamic is just in laboratories and not knowing that thermodynamic is even in their bedrooms. Thermodynamic is one branch of many in mechanical engineering. It is basically the science and the relation between heat and other forms of energy. A lot of objects and machines run on the concept thermodynamics. Having the ability to transform heat to energy was the goal for those who developed the concept of thermodynamic. It has a long history, strong present, and a bright future. So, what is thermodynamic? At the beginning people were trying to transform heat into energy and that’s where the term thermodynamic came into play. It is a combination of two Greek words “therme” meaning heat and “dynammis” meaning power. Nowadays thermodynamic is interpreted as generating power. The first step in the development of thermodynamic was in 1824 by a French man who had the proclivity to create something from nothing. He was a military engineer named Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot. The main goal of his researches was transferring heat to a mechanical work. Unfortunately, he couldn’t state a law regarding his researches. Twenty five years later Clausius and Thomson became the first people who established the foundation bricks of thermodynamic. NASA defines thermodynamic as the study of the effects of work, heat, and energy on a system. A system could be a machine, object or even your home. This is an example of a system as you see in figure 1-4. There are three kinds of systems open system, closed system and isolated system. In the example above we could see that it is an open system where mass and energy could go back and fourth. In

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