Thermodynamics Essay

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Question 1: Referring to the first law of thermodynamics, describe the constraints that the environment places on business. Answer 1: First law of thermodynamics states, energy and materials (M) can neither be created nor destroyed; they are transformed from one form to the other. Business faces problems due to the environment is because the recycling system put into place is not completely effective. Also, the environment’s ability to supply materials (M) and amenities (A) is finite which takes a toll on the performance of business and has an adverse impact on financial and social wellbeing of the future generations. The biggest constraint business faces due to this law is to find a way to effectively introduce a recycling system as the materials it uses from the environment are not destroyed and are converted to waste. To deal with the constraints the environment places on business, businesses must make an effort to meet the needs of the growing population by providing more with less when it comes of consumption of materials and its population. (Words: 153 words) Question 2: Outline the limits that are imposed on industrial growth by draw-down and take-over. Answer 2: The limit that draw-down imposes on industrial growth is that if draw-down stops, industrial growth will stop too. This is because earth’s raw materials and stocks are needed to satisfy the requirements of industrial growth. However, if stocks are used irresponsibly, they will not be available to future generations limiting industrial growth in the future. According to Daly, if the basic needs of the current generation are not fulfilled there will be no future generation to benefit from the industrial growth (1993). In case of a take-over, the habitats of non-human species are taken over which enables a take-over; however, this limits industrial growth because moral claims

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