There'S No Place Like Essay

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A significant place is more than just a spot where everybody can go and love the same as one particular person does. Significant is an outstanding word that makes a person feel more than just good, it makes a person feel great! There is a spot somewhere in this universe that has once made me feel significant. My secret spot included all sorts of feelings, much happiness, and great relief to be away from everybody at the moment. Only will you know where this spot is when you finish reading. Imagine magnificent colors, beautiful rainbows, and more shooting stars than you can count. Vibrant colors like perky pink, great green, luscious lime, bombastic blue and perpetual purple all swarm around me like huge wave tumbling in the sand. I take a step into the never ever land and see rainbows reaching farther than I can see with huge pots of pouring gold at the ends. I feel like I’m blinking but then I realize that shooting stars are galloping their way through the sky. I don’t know what to think of this significant place. Candy is falling from the clouds like a heavy rainfall. The candy is so delightful, the taste of lollipops, chocolate, and sweet tarts are sensational. I’m suddenly bombarded with endless money that just keeps dashing around and around. I twirl around in amazement and am starting to realize I’m in the greatest place ever. Skipping through this “la la” land I start seeing familiar faces, faces that I’ve always known but have never met. Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise, and Oprah Winfrey are only a few I can name. I sprint towards them like a mach 5 machine. Only to my amusement these famous people are suddenly holograms that are just smiling ear to ear and talking to me. I’ve never felt this wonderful before. Everything keeps getting better and better, soon I hear these high pitched beautiful voices that sound like they are angels just singing away.

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