Theres a New Continent in the Pacific Ocean Essay

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The North Pacific Gyre: Recycling is Dire There’s a new continent in the Pacific Ocean! This continent has been called many things from the great pacific garbage patch to Trash Island. This swirling mass of plastic bags plastic bottles and other non perishable items has been accumulating in the Gyre for years. Caught in the northern Pacific currents that form the N. Pacific Gyre. This Largely covered area of plastic remnants that have been broken down to small pieces have a damning effect on the wildlife that depends on the Gyres currents for food. Why hasn’t anyone said anything about this issue in the northern Pacific, What is the extent of the damages on the wildlife, and what can we do about it? These are some points that I would like to know about. In 1998 Charles Moore and his crew sailed through the Gyre, about 1,000 miles while using fine mesh net sampled the water at different levels for plastics and plankton. “He wrote that daily, as far as the eye could see, plastics and trash floated and bobbed in the waves. The estimate is that there is 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile of ocean in this area.” cited by “ Ocean Garbage Patch, the Continent of Garbage There is a new continent in the Pacific Ocean,” The damage caused by these tiny fragments I have found is more insidious than strangulation, entrapment and choking by larger plastic debris. The fragments act as sponges for heavy metals and pollutants until mistaken for food by small fish. The toxins then become more concentrated as they move up the food chain through larger fish, birds and marine mammals. Plastics do not biodegrade but it does break down into smaller and smaller pieces through Photodegenration-sunlight breaks down floating debris- Small cellular marine animals, and large marine animals
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