There's No "I" In Meat Essay

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Jerimiah Rapada 1 Sept. 2011 There’s no “I” in Meat! It was her older sister, Ashley that made Kristen followed Ashley's footstep to becoming a vegetarian. Kristen gaze at every move of her older sister who was about two years older than her at the dinner table as Ashley with confidence brought up vegetarianism during a family meal, and Kristen herself excitedly added to that. While their discussion of vegetarianism Ashley stated a lot of great reasons of being a vegetarian and learned some facts too in school, which is what had inspired her to do so. While on the topic of vegetarianism, Kristen was eating a greasy plain hamburger, as she did not want to and for her older sister, Ashley was having a tuna salad while they discuss this topic. Both, her and her sister decided to become a vegetarian. Kristen was ten years old during her fourth grade year becoming a vegetarian. Kristen was being influenced so much by her older sister that, yes; she does look up to her and wanted to be just like her. She thought of what would happen and the lack of enthusiasm of being a vegetarian. “When the first time I was going to become a vegetarian my parents laughed at me. Although, her parents do realize that she was not kidding at all. “My parents tried working around it since my sister was going to be a vegetarian.” She was agitated to do this and actually wanted to share this to her parents. “The mood was supportive, but also questionable and skeptical because my parents were for it, but didn't want it to be an entire family movement. They wanted my sister and me to be somewhat responsible for our meals because my parents did not want to make the complete change themselves and thought it would be difficult to serve meals not involving meat products.” Kristen was really going for this and was going to be committed at being a vegetarian. It was about four

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