There Will Come Soft Rains Summary

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A.O.W #13 Soapstone ~ Sophie Perez Period 5 ~ 455 words While reading an excerpt from, “There Will Come Soft Rains,” Ray Bradbury can be easily identified as a skilled author who uses a perfected use of imagery to show the setting of the story. The author may believe that the Cold War was a time to unite friends and achieve a sense of relief only after society’s problems are resolved. He may have lived through the beginning to the very end of the Cold War since all the details seem precise. To capture the tension that he showed in his descriptive writing. I think that the author wrote this story because he wanted to share an experience or certain thoughts. A few of the main purposes for writers to write is to show their feelings, experiences, express themselves, which could all be applied. In this case, I can assume Bradbury wrote this to express what he felt and might have gone through while in the period of the Cold War. So, he would let people know what tragedy it was and might bring to human kind if…show more content…
Also, a more specific type of person who could have read this could a historian. This is because; historians study many significant periods in history which would relate to the Cold War. On a personal level, the author wrote the text to show the tragedy that the Cold War was and how technology would move forward while humans do not. In a way, the story is directed to the audience to show what the future could be, without a doubt, if no one would take action to resolve a problem that can affect the future greatly, including mankind. This is all poop. I copied it from the internet. The author’s main claim is that people have the ability to change the future no matter how the past or present is, so if no one takes serious actions, they future could be destroyed by only
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