There Was Little Change in the Nature of Government of Russia in the Period from 1855 to 1964’. How Far Do You Agree with This View?

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Albeit the difference in leadership and basic ideology there appears to have been little change in the nature of government in Russia as the structure of government throughout the period remained centralised around one individual despite the pivotal change from Tsarism to Communism in 1917. Furthermore, similar tools were used by the governments to retain power insofar as they were all repressive and differed only in scale and/or justification. In terms of ideology, on paper it would seem as though there should be a big change in the nature of government as whilst Tsarist autocracy meant ruling as an absolute sovereign using the power granted by God, Communism was meant to allow for the control by the ‘people’ and eventually the (a bit confused- dictatorship of the proletariat was the stage before full communism. It was how Lenin justified his dictatorship…for and on behalf of the people)dictatorship of the proletariat wherein the workers could rule over the bourgeois. However in reality this was not the case, as because Lenin believed he was speeding up the dialectical phase of Marxism he adopted the ideology of ‘dictatorship’ rather than ‘communism’ due to his belief that he was the only one capable of leading the country to communism. The adjustment of ideology meant that there was little difference between his ideology and the ideology of ‘autocracy’ on which the preceding Tsars had based their rule. This meant that both the Tsars and the Communists believed in absolute rule, (good evaluation in this para)which in turn affected the nature of the government in many ways. Firstly, it affected the structure, resulting in both Tsarist and communist government sharing a ‘top down’ structure, in which the leader at the time had absolute control, as shown by Alexander III use of Land captains to increase state control, Nicholas II overruling the decisions of the
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