Is there such thing as originality in art?

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The originality of art has been in debate for a long time. The reasons being that most art we see today has most likely been influenced from previous artists, or may even be an appropriation. Consequentially, people say that the art would often have been stolen or copied, thus effecting its originality. A great example of this is Salvador Dali’s appropriation of the famous “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci. In his appropriation Dali took the image of Mona Lisa and simply drew a mustache on her. Another example is when Yasumasa Morimura appropriates Frida Calos self portrait in which he took the exact same image, however placed himself in her place. People say that the art is not original perhaps because in Dali’s appropriation he did not even draw the Mona Lisa , just the mustache, so it is not his artwork. Or Dali because he stole the exact self portrait of Frida Calo and painted a copy of it, placing himself in her place. However, in my opinion, this is not a display of unoriginality. Firstly, I believe that everything has in one way or another been influenced by something else. Everything we see and experience, changes us in some way. Therefore, everything around us has subconsciously influenced us in some way, so would that make everything unoriginal? Also although when an image is directly copied in an appropriation, I do not think it is necessarily unoriginal as in my opinion all art was created for a purpose. Maybe to entertain, show beauty, express feelings and thoughts, also maybe to bring forth a message. And without a doubt, Salvador Dali’s appropriation of the Mona Lisa is not bringing forth the same message that Leonardo Da Vinci wanted it to speak. Therefore as the purpose of the piece is completely different I do not believe it is unoriginal. Also a favorite artist of mine who goes by the name of “Banksy’s:, who happens to do appropriations quite often,

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