“There Is No Point Tying to Stop Discrimination.” Do You Agree?

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“There is no point tying to stop discrimination.” Do you agree? Some people would say there is no point trying to stop discrimination. Racial discrimination will never cease to exist because it’s part of us, when someone is doing so well, we will jealous of them, so we will search to find something that they have and use it to against them to protect our pride. The only way it will probably stop is if everybody in the future has a little bit of every race in them, and that’s pretty much impossible. But even then, we will find something else to unite different groups so we have something to fight against. Whether it is by race, religion, sexual preference, etc, people will find something wrong with what a person is rather than who they are. Some say that life is easier when you just live among your own kind. You don’t have to adapt. You don’t have to try to understand others. And some people just prefer that way. These people are ignorant to what’s around them and do not care that their attitude is perceived as racist. All they care about is that they are right and that anyone who is different to them is wrong, stupid, poor, etc. If these people’s attitudes to not change soon, there will be no hope to stop discrimination. These people will pass their views down their family, down the generations and there would be an ongoing cycle of racism which can’t be stopped. The children would be racist as they had learnt from their family, even though they don’t know these people they will be racist as they had learnt to be. Others say that there is a point in trying to stop discrimination. Trying is better than nothing. Many people at the time of Martin Luther King Jr would have fought that equality

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