There Is No Light, for Those Who Do Not Know Darkness Essay

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I. INTRODUCTION Women are concerning to prevent their rights in social life. They afford for their equality to men. Women seem like to be oppressed by the men because of some reasons. To be equal as what men get becomes basically reason of the women’s movement. They are eager to get back women’s role in social life. They want to get what men get. This women’s movement inspired to get women’s right called feminism. This article discusses the analysis of feminist theory applied on the novel written by Pearl S. Buck entitled “The Good Earth”. This analysis elaborates how feminism uses on the novel. How the movement of women’s oppression exemplified toward the men in social life. There are many branches of feminist theory for instance; radical feminism, liberal feminism, socialist feminism, Marxist feminism, etc. However, this article focuses on the analysis liberal feminism. Liberal feminism concerns women’s movement on gender equality on private or public area. Liberal feminists believe that personal “rights” should predominate over concerns for the social good. The oppression liberal feminists identify involves the injustices fostered by gender roles which favor men over women. The liberal feminist wants to free women from oppressive gender roles. The following discusses further on liberal feminism theoretical review, the examples of liberal feminism on the novel of The Good Earth, and the analysis using liberal feminism. II. DISCUSSION A. Theoretical Review Feminism refers to an organizational movement which organizes women the entire world promoting women’s equality to the men’s position in private or social sphere. In social life, the unbalance of life between woman and men are not reached. Women view that they are marginalized by men’s oppression to them. According to Carter (2006: 91) who states that the focus of feminist theory is to raise

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