There Is No Fate but What We Make Essay

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“A Woman Like Me” is a lesson on relying on fate to shape one’s life. The story opens with the narrator describing that she is waiting for a man named Xia, at a coffee shop, whom she has been spending time with. The narrator was raised by her Aunt Yifen and consequently learned the family trade of being a cosmetician to the deceased. Throughout the story she describes her views on love, happiness, and life with an emphasis on fate. Her own fate, in regards to her love life, she believes is that of her Aunt Yifen whom she shares many additional attributes with as well like their quietness, loneliness, and appearance. Due to the fact that her aunt’s lover left her year ago upon learning about her work as a mortician the narrator believes the same will happen to her. Thus the story ends with her agreeing to reveal her workplace to her love interest, Xia, who she has already predicted will leave her because of her intended fate. Overall there are many themes that Xi Xi is trying to portray to readers about fate, love, self-esteem throughout the story of the narrator. The focus of this story is that because of fate the narrator is living a careful life because of what she thinks she knows will eventually happen in the future. She is guarded with men and tries not to let her guard down around them for eventually they will leave her just like her Aunt Yifen’s daughter. Through reading this story I think that inside she feels very strongly for Xia but because of her fate that he will leave her she tries make a disconnect with him or make up excuses. For example after he complements of her natural skin she rationalizes that “his attention had been drawn to my face…because my face is paler than most people’s”(304). Instead of just accepting the fact that he was giving her a compliment and showing a liking to her, she makes a point to not recognize his comment in order to

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