There Is Destruction In Society. But Why?

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Natasha Fortune Mr. Weir June 7, 2010 ENG2D1 There is Destruction in Society. But Why? Living in the world it’s safe to say that no matter what time period an individual was born in, growing up and living with a wealthy family is always a plus to surviving in society. The higher up class someone is, the better things will be for that person because they have the one thing in the world people value the most. Money. But because not everyone is that lucky and can not all be born into riches. With the little they have they want more. They hold grudges for the rich because there not like them, and want to become like them and will stop at no means possible to get what they want. The wealthy tend to use money as power. They take control and order the less fortunate around as if they are nothing. In the novel, The Droughtlanders by Carrie Mac, the song titled I Hate Humans by, Drugzone and the poem entitled Human Destruction by Stefanie Zammit. They will show many themes. The main one being that hatred, the want of control/power, and violence are the key elements to the destruction of a society. But when destruction comes to a society and everything is gone. The people will split up and go separate ways. It is till when, that happens the whole cycle will start again. Hatred is a dominate emotion people feel for one another based on many reasons. It is the number one type of conflict. When people have hatred for one another Fortune 2 they don’t show compassion for nobody and cares nothing that will happen to them. This leads to destruction in society. Hatred in family and friends is one example that could lead to destruction in a society. Who do you turn to when family isn’t there? When family members hate each other, it’s very rear they’d have a soft heart for anyone. An example is sibling rivalry. In the book the Droughtlanders, twin

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