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There Are No New Ideas Just about every movie in theatres today is either a remake of an old movie or taken from a book. James Cameron’s Avatar clearly stole its plot from Disney’s Pocahontas. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was taken from J.R. Tolkien’s novels, which were in turn taken from Celtic, Norse, and Germanic mythology. Even Christopher Nolan, arguably one of the best directors today, based all but two of his films on existing works. Writer and director Andy Wachowski plays his 1999 film The Matrix around ideas first documented in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in order to make his audience ponder the definition of reality and the meaning of our existence. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, prisoners are chained up inside a cave at birth and are never given the chance to see the world apart from the cave wall in front of them. The guards keep a fire lit behind the prisoners and use objects to cast shadows on the wall in front of the prisoners. To the prisoners, there is no outside world, and the shapes on the wall are all that teir reality consists of. The prisoners live their lives shackled in the cave and are content with it for they know not of the outside world. Ignorance is bliss. Plato then proposes that the guards unchain one of the prisoners and take him out of the cave to see the “real” world. The released prisoner would respond in one of two ways. He would either go insane trying to comprehend what he saw, or accept this new reality and return to tell the other prisoners of their ignorance. If the prisoner did not accept the outside world as reality, he would try to seek refuge in the cave once more. If he accepted what he saw as reality and tried to convince the other prisoners of the outside world, they would not believe him and think him In a similar way, Plato proposes that we are all

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