There and Back Again Essay

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There and Back Again Carlos Rhodes SS310: Sec. 19 RP1 Exploring the 1960s: An Interdisciplinary Approach Kaplan University The year is 2325 and I and my team have been assigned to excavate a time capsule that was buried in the 1960’s. Upon retrieving the capsule we eagerly anticipate what we will find when open it. The first of five items found in the capsule was material that contain information on the assassinations of progressive leaders of the 60’s. The JFK assassination was the first in a series of assassinations. It became one of the most widely studied assassinations of its era. I think that the assassination of the 60’s are a very good example of governmental corruption on a whole different level. I believe that there is evidence that shows that each of the leaders of the 1960’s was killed because of their power, views, character, and that they threaten the structure of the government at the time. The 1960’s will forever be remembered as a tragic period for Americans as great leaders were never given a chance to see their dreams come true. The next item found in the capsule was the moon landing of the Apollo on the moon in 1969. I think that this was a great feat attempted at a time where technology wasn’t near as good as it is now. I have always wondered to myself did they achieve this in 1969. Looking back at this from the year 2325, I guess one could say, we flew those up here, just as I did when my grandmother told me she road in a horse and buggy, and I was driving a car. One thing for sure that this capsule has shown me is that if you give man the time and money and idea, he will accomplish it. Man has failed yet to surprise humanity with exploration and technology. Thirdly there was the Vietnam War documents that was enclosed in the capsule, this war was the most devastating happening after the World War I and World War II. It is also the

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