There and Back Again Essay

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There and Back Again A Christians Tale To Whom It May Concern: This is the finale time I should ever be writing you. One of the biggest regrets I’ll have is that I won’t get to say goodbye to everyone. For the last three to fours years, I knew deep down I would be doing this someday; it was just a matter of time. I was never meant to live in this world or this time period. For those of you who think that I must have been crazy, well I wasn’t. God, please forgive me, but even (I think) you knew it was meant to be. Accept the fact that I did love my Mother, Father and Brother, and all other relatives. I guess you might be wondering why I did this; frankly, I don’t know; I think it was just meant to be. I’m leaving this world with a level head and I’m not crazy. Please forgive me for everything. I’m certain life will be easier, more enjoyable, and cheaper without me and please don’t blame yourselves for anything; it’s not your fault. Please don’t mourn over me; if you are saved, you’ll see me again. Can you feel the sadness? The sense of hopelessness. This letter was written by someone who committed suicide. I’ve read it to you to give you an idea of what goes on the mind of someone who has lost all hope in life. This letter was written by my sister, Dione Godwin. (prayer) My journey begins on March 9, 1989. My mother had woke me and my sister up for school then rushed out the door for work. My father worked nights and he had not come home yet. I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying my hair when I heard a BANG come from my sister’s room. I didn’t think nothing of it because she often threw her brush or something when her hair wasn’t doing right. This was the BIG hair 80’s and my sister had some BIG hair. Well, it had time come to leave and she had not come out of her room yet so I went to check on her. I knocked on her door but there

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