Therapy of the Heart Essay

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Adriana Quintanilla Professor Woods English 1301 17 September 2012 Therapy Of the Heart Dealing with sprained ankles and pulled muscles are some of the many things I’ve come to deal with during my life. Ever since I was a little girl my curiosity in bones never failed. When I was a child my every day routine was to go with my uncle to his work, a specialist in sports medicine. At first, it didn’t really interest me, I would make up songs as a way to make him laugh, or do a silly dance. After spending more and more time in his office my curiosity began. I began analyzing the bone, how it looked and the function of it. After becoming bored with just the “display bones” I asked him if he could show me more. This is where a whole new world opened before my eyes. Then an old friend of my uncle, Gisela Mariscal came into my life. She studied physical therapy when I first met her. Although I was amazed by sports medicine I wanted to learn beyond just the typical sport injuries. Every day after Gisela would get out of class from UTEP she would come to my uncle’s office and try to explain to me what she had learned. As she came in one day, she heard me singing one of the song’s I had invented to make my uncle laugh. She thought it was a great idea to help me memorize the bones, as I had great difficulty in remembering their names. Gisela taught me a song she had heard on the T.V to help me learn them. Other than learning the bone names I learned the difference between pulled muscles and pulled ligaments. Organizing my questions and thoughts, I couldn’t help but wonder if she would remember me. As I arrived to the Reaction Physical Therapy center, I saw many people in the waiting room. I walked towards the reception desk and asked the receptionist if she would please let me know when PT Mariscal was ready for our interview. She paged her and asked if she was

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