Therapy Is More Effective Than Going To Jail

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For drinking under the age alternative programs suchs as AA meetings or therapy would be more beneficial than going to jail. By going to jail they could get affiliated with gangs. Some researchers say that therapy is one of the best approaches, “ therapy is often a much more productive approach in dealing with youthful behavioral problems such as drinking” (jerry). Studies show that this is a great way to change the minds of alcoholic children. Another reason they say this could be more beneficial is that the therapist can bring out other problems the kids could be hiding. Another point researchers bring up why people should not be punished by law is “ the problem with punishing someone by law when drunk driving is how would they know there…show more content…
Some people say kids should go to jail but others say that they should get help through therapy for help. Going to jail would be more beneficial for them because “ kids going to therapy instead of jail would teach kids nothing except they could get away with drinking” (Thomas). Researchers support this because going to therapy only helps the child if they want the therapy. In the long run they say it would not help them unless they put effort into it. Another thing reporters say is that cops are doing all they should be to help. “ As much as the people would like to believe police are interested in cracking down on individuals and companies” (Thomas). By saying this it shows hoe the cops are trying to stop people selling alcohol to underage kids. Also cops are trying to stop companies from advertising to kids and distributing alcohol to them. Another point researchers bring up is saying punishing kids by law makes more people think before drinking and driving. “ The law would make so that people would think twice about drinking and driving” (Thomas). People agree with this because no one wants to go to jail so it makes them to think twice about doing it. Overall being punished by the law shows kids/adults would not be able to get away with drinking under age and driving
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