Theotrical Models Matrix Essay

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Theoretical Models for Understanding Behavior Matrix MODELS | COMPARE | BIOLOGICAL MODEL | *behavior from an organic standpoint * Emphasis on pathogens as source of disease *Important for medical and health | DEVELOPMENTAL MODEL | * Human development occurs in clearly defined stages * Each stage of life is qualitatively different from all other stages. * Stages of development are sequential, with each stage building on earlier stages. * Stages of development are universal. * All environments provide the support necessary for development | ECOLOGICAL MODEL | * Systems are made up of interrelated members (parts) that constitute a linked whole.* Each part of the system impacts all other parts and the system as a whole.* All systems are subsystems of other larger systems.* Systems maintain boundaries that give them their identities.* The dynamic interactions within, between, and among systems produce both stability and change, sometimeseven rapid, dramatic change. | PSYCHODYNAMIC MODEL | * Concerned with how internal processes such as needs, drives, and emotions motivate human behavior. * Emotions have a central place in human behavior. * Unconscious, as well as conscious mental activity serves as the motivating force in human behavior. * Early childhood experiences are central in the patterning of an individual’s emotions, and therefore, central to problems of living throughout life. * Individuals may become overwhelmed by internal and/or external demands. * Individuals frequently use ego defense mechanisms to avoid becoming overwhelmed by internal and/or external demands. | SOCIAL LEARNING MODEL | * Suggests that human behavior is learned as individuals interact with their environment. * Problem behavior is maintained by positive or negative reinforcement. * Cognitive- behavioral therapy looks at what role thoughts play in maintaining the

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