Theory to Practice Essay

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How I am applying my theory to practice Intro to Counseling Walden University Abstract In this paper you will see what my four theories I have selected that I believe would influence my practice. I will explain each theory, and then explain to you the one theory I believe I would most benefit from. The theories The four theories I will be talking about today are Adlerian theory, behavioral theory, Interpersonal theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Adlerian theory was developed by Alfred Adler who was a student of Freud’s (Levitt, D. H., & Bray, A. 2010). Adlerian theory focuses on the person as a whole, and focuses on the person as someone who is able to grow, and who finds “social interest”, and seeks other to connect with (Levitt, D. H., & Bray, A. 2010). Adlerian theory is based off of encouragement, with encouragement being a vital role in “human growth and development” (, encouragement lets the client know that there is someone there to encourage them, and let them know they can do it. Behavioral theory is helping someone learn new behavior, instead of continuing doing the bad behavior they are doing (Levitt, D. H., & Bray, A. 2010). For example, if I have a client that comes into my office for anger issues, I would use behavioral theory to help the client learn new techniques and skills, so he doesn’t use his anger as a way of expressing himself. I would show him ways to do it in a more positive way. Interpersonal theory is the theory that looks into the interpersonal relationships, and how the communication can affect the relationship ( It digs deep into the relationship, and shows the relationship through our own perception. Cognitive behavioral theory focuses on rebuilding the thoughts and beliefs of a client. It is used to change the negative thought process, into more of a positive

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