Theory of Transpersonal Caring

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Theory of Transpersonal Caring
Jean Watson’s Jean Watson is still practicing her “caritas” and continues to speak to audiences in the US as well as worldwide. Watson challenges nurses to search within themselves and ask the question “what is the meaning of our own life and death.” According to her the basics of true nursing is a genuine caring for another human being and doing it with dignity. The transpersonal caring relationship is the center of Watson’s theory as well as the caring moment. According to Watson, when nurse and patient meet, the transpersonal relationship starts; this permits growth in human sharing. The patient is a greater being than one who is ill, he/she has a soul and on this level there is communication. The nurse immerses herself into the caring of this being bringing into play past experiences and knowledge into the caring moment. Currently the caring theory developed by Dr. Jean Watson is an ever-evolving field that is founded on the discipline of nursing and nursing science but has more recently added other fields and academic disciplines such as Feminist Studies, Education, Ecology, Philosophy and more recently mind-body-spirit Medicine. With this, the caring theory is rapidly becoming an Interdisciplinary or Multidisciplinary field of study with the nursing science as it has potential relevance and importance to health and education. The Ten Caritas Processes listed below are the hallmark of Watson’s theory.
1. Embrace altruistic values and Practice loving kindness with self and others.
2. Instill faith and hope and honor others.
3. Be sensitive to self and others by nurturing individual beliefs and practices.
4. Develop helping – trusting- caring relationships.
5. Promote and accept positive and negative feelings as you authentically listen to another’s story.
6. Use creative scientific problem-solving methods for caring

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