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Theory of Management Rights After reading the differences in both theories of management rights, I was able make an educated guess and conclude that the company I currently work for is a supporter of the residual theory. They value input from employees at all levels and often times use that feedback to make improvements to processes. The majority of the employees are happy and truly show appreciation for the efforts made by management to work with them to improve operations. I only say the majority due to the fact that you just can’t please everyone, no matter what. Being around this type of management on a daily basis made my decision for this assignment a very obvious and easy one. As a top manager, engaged in contract bargaining with a union, I would choose the trusteeship theory of management rights. I believe that in order for my company to be truly successful, in the long-term, I would need to keep the best interest of all parties involved in mind. I feel I would be remiss in my duties as a manager if I did not keep an open mind to decisions and demands regarding the company and/or my employees. The residual theory of management rights has managers basically only looking out for their own rights. This, in my opinion, is no way to run a successful business. The residual theory is open to the fact that there could be merit behind any demands made by the union. Since the union is the voice of your employees, their demands need to be looked at as important. As a manager we need to show good-faith to our employees and be willing to discuss their issues and work to an agreement that is satisfactory to both labor and management. This leads to employee satisfaction and according to a study by Northwestern University there is a direct link between employee satisfaction and increased profitability. (Cozzani, 2008) In my opinion, taking a steadfast position

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