Theory of Empowerment Essay

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Introduction “But the really scary one is this – we spend almost 100,000 hours of our life at work – that’s the equivalent of eleven and a half years.” (Swinson J, 2012). This thought presented by Jo Swinson during the liberal democrats’ conference earlier this year demonstrates the importance of work in nowadays society. We spend so much time in working environment so it’s crucially important to feel valued and appreciated by employers and co-workers, to have some power, motivation and diversity in everyday tasks we are obliged to do. Creating a working environment where employees could use their full potential is a vital task for companies too. As Rodrigues (1994) declares that it is essential to implement new managing programs in regards to stay competitive in these difficult economy times. Therefore, one of the best solutions to create a productive and effective working environment is empowering people and letting them work in autonomous groups (Whittington, 2005). However, it is not that easy to achieve, because understanding the concept of people empowerment and finding the most effective way of its implementation are really challenging tasks (Doughty, 2004). It is difficult to understand and measure the concept of power and it is not a fast process: you have to be determined and persistent to see actual results (Yukl and Becker, 2006). For these reasons, three core topics will be covered in this essay. Firstly, empowerment and autonomous group working are going to be defined with examples of how these management strategies helped organizations to cope with problems. Secondly, the biggest complications that could occur while trying to implement these management tactics are going to be characterised. Lastly, the author’s suggestions and guidance to senior managers, who want to promote empowerment and autonomous group working within their

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