Theory of Democracy Assignment Essay

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Democracy and Social Media in Bhutan IPO231 Theories of Democracy Pema Kota (5309682) IRD Rangsit International College 2012 Supervisor: Ajarn Chakrit Tiebtienrat Abstract. Here are some of the conditions and factors conductive to fostering democracy in Bhutan. The journey of Bhutan to its democracy has been unusual one. The media is one of the main organizations which directly influence the behaviors of the political parties in the democratic society. The world youngest democracy is believed to be the Bhutan’s democracy. It is the former king who initiated and brought up the move towards the transaction of government to democracy. People were quit reluctant and apprehensive to embrace and accept the change at first but gradually they started to admire the transformation of monarchy to constitutional democracy. In their mind question arises like, why do we think that such a decision was made, and do you think such an approach to top-down democracy can work in practice or not? We may not know whether it will work or not until it is put into practice. So in the following easy we would point out the general information and knowledge on the media and democracy in Bhutan observed being as the citizen of Bhutan. And how media give influence to the democracy and its system in Bhutan.. It is contention of every citizens of Bhutan that location of the media and the power structure in it are the most important variables that account for various democratic media roles in fostering democratic process. Research question. * Are there any channels that lead to Centre for Media and Democracy can be of help to public interest? * Do the media transform the political attitudes and behavior or do they just reinforce them? * Is it true that all individuals were equally susceptible to the influence provided by media? * What are the ideas about how

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