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TITLE: THEORY IN COMMUNICATION 1. INTRODUCTION The aim for this report is to apply the theories of communication on one of the selected organization. In an organization, communication is very important in order to achieve their target goal. Communication can be verbal, non-verbal and written. Miscommunication can lead the organization towards a failure organization and unable to manage their management. Therefore, the organization has to apply the theories of communication to be more effective and increase the efficiency in their organization. 2. COMMUNICATION THEORY 2.1 DEFINITION It is defined as the theory that deals with the technology of the transmission of information (as in the printed word or a computer) in between people and machine. 2.2 APPLY SHANNON AND WEAVER COMMUNICATION THEORY Shannon and Weaver theory is the most popular theory and model in communication. Shannon theory based on mathematical theory which using signal transmission with minimal error. Mechanistic or mathematical is that in mechanistic point of view that communication is simply the transmission of information from the first party to the second party. The first party being the sender and the second party being the receiver. While Weaver develop theory related on human communication. Shannon and Weaver produced a model of communication known after them as the Shannon-Weaver Model .They propose that all communication essential include six elements: Elements: Information source Source that can be verbal or non-verbal other words it can be any mixture of written, spoken, video, seminar, etc. Encoder : The sender or source of the message known as encoder. Decoder : A person who receiving the message known as decoder . Feedback: Feedback can be positive (when the required result is achieved) or negative when there no response immediately

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