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Theory. Essay

  • Submitted by: karlamise
  • on December 14, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Theory." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. How does Kant’s Deontological ethical theory differ from Mill’s Utilitarian ethical theory?   Which is more successful at giving us an objective standard for determining which actions are good while actually motivating us to be good?   Give specific real or imagined ethical cases as examples.   Is an objective and motivational moral theory even possible?
2. Explain the three formulations of the Categorical Imperative.   Why are there three, and how do they relate?   What is the Hypothetical Imperative, and how is it related/different from the Categorical Imperative?
Section Three
1. What is John Locke’s ethical theory?   How does it compare and contrast with the ethical theories of Mill and Kant?
2. Explain Rawl’s Social Contract theory, then explain Locke’s Libertarian theory, and then compare/contrast the two.   Tell a hypothetical story to explain what Rawls means by the “Original Position” and “Veil of Ignorance.”   Finally, does the idea of a social contract do more or less to explain how we ought to live when compared with Libertarianism?   Which kind of society would you prefer to live in: one where we were all in a social contract, or one where we were all Libertarians?
Section Four
1. Explain the concept of “Normativity.”   What is known as the “problem of normativity” and why is it a problem?   How does this affect ethical theories?   Explain the ways at least two ethical theories attempt to answer this problem.
2. How does ethical theory actually relate to your life?   Give examples of when your knowledge of ethical theories helped inform your real life.   Finally, do major events in the world today make more sense after learning about ethics, and why?

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