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Theories On Crime Essay

  • Submitted by: brooke22
  • on April 13, 2009
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There are many theories on why juveniles commit crime. There are biological theories which imply that genetics has something to do with it. Then there is the psychological approach, which states that it has to do with the personality. Finally, there is the sociological approach which implies that it has to do with social bonds and the way that you are brought up, on whether or not you commit a crime. I have a strong belief that the sociological approach is the one that explains the best on why people commit crime. I believe that because people are brought up a certain way, they become ‘different” and more acceptable to committing crimes. In this paper, I will base my argument with the other two theories and show examples of different serial killers and the reasons behind their criminal activity. Finally, I will conclude on why I believe in the sociological theory.
Many theorists believe that there is something in our biology that makes u commit crime. There has been a lot of research that suggests that genetics have to do with criminal behavior. In Germany, there is a man named Johannes Lange who did a twin study to see if there was a link between twin and the life path they choose. He found that with identical twins, when one twin had a prison record, 77 percent of the time the other twin did also. And when it came to fraternal twins, it was only 12 percent that both twins had a criminal record. According to Glick and Miller (2008), “twins studies lend support to the hypothesis that identical twins may share genetic characteristics that increase the probability of engaging in criminal activities” (Glick & Miller, 2008). There have also been adoption studies in which researchers conclude that the criminality of the biological parents has a greater influence over the child more so then the adoptive parents.
Biological theorists also believe that criminality has to do with chromosomes abnormalities. Some studies have found that a male having an extra Y...

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