Theories of Social and Political Change

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Question : What are the post- industrial societies ? can Zambia be classified as such a Scociety? Justify your answer with example. Submitted by Jairos Fumpa. Zambia has been experiencing cultural diffusion that has brought about positive and negative social and Political changes since time immemorial. What is cultural diffusion? one may ask. Cultural Diffusion is the spread and mixing of culture of people from different backgrounds or the process by which a cultural item spreads from group to group or society to society. Social and Political changes could therefore be continuities and discontinuities in the social and Political systems of a group of people . Today some elements of culture in different parts of Zambia have either continued or discontinued or replaced by one or the other element as people live together. This in turn promotes harmony and knowledge. Cultural diffusion happens when people move from one place to another. In this case, culture diffusion is more prominent in urban areas than rural areas. In Urban areas, people from different villages and provinces come together by virtue of employment and settlement in those areas. They tend to learn new ways of living as they interact. Cultural diffusion in most cases is funnelled by trade, migration and mass communication. The Positive aspect of cultural diffusion can be noted mostly through three elements such as trade, migration and mass communication. Trade has positively contributed to social and political changes. Trade, thus the exchange or movement of goods and services between people. This is one of the oldest human activities that has prevailed for along time in Zambia and indeed the entire world . People travel for long distances for the purpose of trading. It was trade by barter and then later some form of medium was introduced which represents money in modern days. People
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