Theories of Relativity Themes

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Great Themes Make Great Novels Man’s greatest achievement? Probably not, but as John O’Hara once said: “Great themes make great novels”. It is true that themes are used in every novel, story and poem ever written, as Barbara Haworth-Attard’s Theories of Relativity has quite a few. Some of the themes mentioned throughout the novel are how trust can easily be broken, how people aren’t always as they seem, how selfishness affects those around you and how nothing is as you think. To begin, the theme of how easily trust can be broken is expressed multiple ways throughout Theories of Relativity by Barbara Haworth-Attard. Firstly, this theme is shown when Twitch and Dylan are discussing their upcoming squat, as Twitch says, “’Hey, Dylan, I found us a squat,’ [Twitch] cries excitedly. Fingers, arms, legs, eyes move frenetically. Excited and high. ‘Where?’ I ask wearily. Remembering Brad” (137), because earlier, he and Twitch had gone to Brad’s house as a squat, and Brad almost raped Dylan. Brad was going to have sex with Dylan, as he often does with Twitch, but Dylan didn’t know about his and Twitch’s deal for staying there, which almost got him raped, and made him very wary of the rest of Twitch’s ideas. Also, this theme is shown later, when Glen was helping Dylan, because Dylan begins to believe that everybody wants something from him; another recollection of Brad. Glen was just trying to be helpful because Dylan reminded him of his brother who had overdosed, but Dylan grouped together all helpful acts with people planning on using him. As well, this theme is also portrayed when Jenna betrays Dylan, because she ditched him, got him addicted to painkillers and got him put into Vulture’s debt, when all he had ever done was help her. Dylan was especially betrayed and his trust was deeply broken because Vulture was the one person who Jenna knew Dylan didn’t want a

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