Theories of Personality Case Study 1

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Theories of Personality Case Study 1 1. What Personality type does Hank display according to Freudian theory? Provide evidence for your answer. At what stage is Hank fixated, according to the Freudian perspective? Find evidence of fixation in the case study. What would have caused this fixation? Hank has an unconscious personality. Hank does not know how others feel about him since he was not well educated about the social norms, hence his aggressive comments and attitude towards other people. Since he was isolated from his friends he didn’t have the people to tell him about his attitude or bring his bad habit to his conscious mind. Hank is fixated orally because of the oral activity he does. His mother said that even as a child, Hank was a loud-mouthed baby, especially when he was crying, so to stop the crying his mother would immediately feed him his bottle, which shows that Hank was overfed during his early years which caused him to be orally fixated and made eating instant gratification. In the later years of Hank, he would eat and smoke when under stress which are both oral activities, showing that he is comforted by those activities. 2. Would Freudian theory describe hank’s eating and argumentative behaviours as being internally or externally motivated? Explain the motivation. Hanks eating and argumentative behaviours would be internally motivated based on the Freudian theory. This is because since he was a child, every time he was under stress he would cry, which his mother would react to by giving him a bottle to feed on so that he would stop crying, giving Hank instant gratification and overfed him. This led on until his adult life, since he was a constant nail biter and a smoker stated in the case study. 3. Find an example of a Freudian defense mechanism that Hank uses in this description. Explain it. After having a rough week, Hank

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