Theories of Learning Essay

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eTROY PSY 3351 - Theories of Learning Term 1, 2013 *** NOTE: For course syllabus posted prior to the beginning of the term, the instructor reserves the right to make minor changes prior to or during the term. The instructor will notify students, via e-mail or Blackboard announcement, when changes are made in the requirements and/or grading of the course. eTROY Courses at Troy University All eTROY courses at Troy University utilize the Blackboard Learning System. In every eTROY course, students should read all information presented in the Blackboard course site and should periodically check for updates-at least every 48 hours. Remember: This is not a 'correspondence course' in which a student may work at his/her own pace. Each week there are assignments, online discussions, online activities and/or exams with due dates. Refer to the schedule at the end of the syllabus for more information. Instructor Information Dr. L.E. ‘Mike’ Daniels, Troy Augusta site. Email :; Office phone 706-210-2823. Cell phone (for Emergencies only) 706-799-5712. I am available for student questions via Email. I check it daily. Please allow adequate time for me to respond. For urgent inquiries, contact me by phone at my Troy office 706-210-2823 Tuesdays 1-6PM and Fridays 9AM – 2PM. If an emergency, contact me on my cell at 706-799-5712. Instructor Education I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma, and my Master’s and Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degrees from the School of Psychology at Florida Institute of Technology. I received my doctorate in 1996. Catalog Course Description: Critical analysis of the major theories of learning, including the works of Pavlov, Thorndike, Guthrie, Tolman, Hull, Skinner, and Mowrer. Student Learning Objectives (SLOs, approved by UPCC 2012): Upon

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