Theories, Abnormal Behavior And V Axis

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Theories Theories, Abnormal Behavior and V Axis Joy Pachowicz PSY 303 Professor Suzanne Perkins September 25 , 2010 Theories 2 Since there are so many different types of people and personalities, there are also many different manners in which people can approach and react to different situations. Each one will react and handle the same situation according to the various factors that have influenced or made up his/her lifestyle. This paper will concentrate on the theories, tests and behavior patterns that are considered in the study of Abnormal Psychology. There are six basic theories from which maladaptive behavior can be approached from . These theories will influence how professionals approach the person who is demonstrating unusual behavior that may or may not be a result of some disorder that can be diagnosed by the DSM-IV which is broken down into V Axis. As mentioned in the first paragraph of this paper there are six basic theories from which maladaptive behavior can be approached. The first is from the Biological Perspective. With Biological Perspective the Psychologist would consider what role a person's genes, DNA, or other physical defects play in the display of maladaptive behavior. Is a person exhibiting maladaptive behavior due to something genetic; or is it something neurological; something gone awry in the brain cells? The Biological Perspective considers and strives to answer these and similar questions Psycho-dynamic Perspective holds that our thoughts and emotions provoke our mood and influence our behavior. Psychoanalysis is the method of approach taken by reach people who are deeply disturbed. This method challenges the patient to release repressed emotions and to search for the meaning behind his/her Theories 3 way of thinking. The environment in which we find ourselves plays a very big part in how we
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