Theoretical Reading: “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses”

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Dalton, Kathleen Final Paper Sean Grattan EN 170W Movie: Fight Club Theoretical Reading: “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” Our true existence is not always the life we think we live, the illusion and our reality conflicts the life we want to live and the life society accepts us to live. In the Movie Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk a man struggles to be himself and in return creates an imaginary character that he can live his life through. In the theoretical text, “Ideology and Ideological Sate Apparatuses” Louis Althusser explains that people create illusions to live through instead of facing the fact they are breaking social expectations. Together “Fight Club” and “Ideology and Ideological Sate Apparatuses” display clear examples of one’s true existence verses illusion of existence. In Fight Club the narrator tells us about his life and all the material aspects of it that he enjoys. However, as he speaks of the things he enjoys he seems lifeless and depressed. In Althusser’s theoretical reading he points out that if we admit we are not okay with our socially accepted life we are admitting that our idea of a good life is imaginary and that we do not know that much about happiness: We admit that the ideology we are discussing from a critical point of view, examining it as the ethnologist examines the myths of a “primitive society,” that these “world outlooks are largely imaginary, i.e. do not “correspond to reality”(Althusser 693) Althusser helps suggest that instead of facing the fact that the narrator is unhappy he lives in the illusion that he is. As an affect he finds himself unable to sleep because of his lack of emotion and connection to his own self. He had hidden emotions that he felt he could not display. As a man he felt he should not publicly display emotions. After weeks of Insomnia he began to live an imaginary life. The narrator

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