Theoretical Prespectives Essay

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A theoretical approach is a basic image of society that guides thinking and research. Two very important theoretical prespective are the structural –functionalism and the conflict theory. These two theoretical prespective are classified as macrosociology because they focus on large groups, social institution and society and they both have basic underlying ideas. The basic underlying idea of structural fuctionalisnm is that all parts of society needs to make a contribution to operate as whole and maintain society. Each elements in this structural fuctionalism are interdependent and a change in one element would lead to the changes in the other elements. For example the underlying idea of structural functionalism is that the family provides for the children until they are old enough to provide for themselves. The educational institution provides the education and the skills they need to go out into society and the economy is responsible for producing the necessities needed by families to survive. The all work together and the reason they are able to function as one to help maintain society is that there is a state of balance . The underlying basic idea of the conflict theory is that society consists of different social groups who struggle to acquire status and valuables. The basic form of interation in the society is conflict. The conflict arises from social groups in society not having similar goals and interest . Conflict also arise in different areas such as law, religion and education because each groups in society. The conflict theory views conflict in the society a norm. The clash of each social groups interest means that the social structure will be rearranged however it would be only temporary because new conflicts would arise therefore changing the structure of their society as each society wants to rise to the top and be in charge. In
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