Theoretical Perspectives: The Family Stone

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Theoretical Perspective: “The Family Stone” There are many questions that social scientists ask to examine relationships within societies. They use their own points of views to identify how different people interact within diverse relationships with ranges of people and use theories to determine the type of discipline. The discipline (anthropology, sociology, and psychology), which is a specific branch of learning, is determined by the theoretical perspective. A theoretical perspective classifies an observation based on specific theories. Each theory is able to be used as an indicator as to how humans make decisions in society. The movie “The Family Stone” does a very efficient job at demonstrating multiple types of theories. There are several various types of relationships that are shown throughout the film which have very different impacts on each other. “The Family Stone” exemplifies three main theories: conflict, functionalism, and symbolic interactionism. The conflict theory is used to criticize society, rather than explain it. Humanity is seen to be organized into groups depending on their social status, or power. In “The Family Stone” when Everett brings his girlfriend Meredith home for the first time there is a clear imbalance between the powers of her as an individual verses that of the Stones. Before Meredith had even arrived at the house there was a certain impression of her based on the opinion of Everett’s sister, Amy, who openly expressed her dislike for Meredith. When she came into their home there was an obvious difference, she was very proper, anxious, and stressed. Meredith did not feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed as Everett in his parent’s house. The rest of the family found this unusual seeing as they are completely laid-back with the idea of them

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