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Looking For Alibrandi Looking For Alibrandi Entry 1: My first impression of Josephine Alabrandi is that is she’s lost, she attends to St Martha’s high school which sounds like a very rich school for smart gifted students. What I’ve noticed about Josephine is that she worries and stresses about her issues such as peer pressure, relationships with teachers and boys. Jose talks about being in a school which is dominated by rich people and feels very insecure because she is an outsider, she has the right to feel like that because I defiantly would too because the majority of the teenagers who attend that school are full Australian, I can understand her struggle because in year 7 and 8 all I wanted to do was fit in and enjoy high school. Josie does not like attending her grandma’s house, I personally do not like going to my grandma’s house too because it’s smelly, small, really compact and hot during summer season. In chapter 3 I am…show more content…
Marchetta writes in a descriptive and elaborate style to engage the readers quite successfully as the book has been a sensation for 15 years. The author establishes a wonderful array of characters of different religious and cultural beliefs creating a racism theme in the novel. Also the use of a local Australian setting is a well-constructed idea as the story is now relatable for the readers. I can tell that this book would not be enjoyed by everyone and this is understandable as it is centrally targeted for a teenage and young adult audience. In my opinion, I found this book to be decent. While it some interesting moments, such as the relationships she has with all of her friends and how she tries to maintain them. This is a book that is based around female problems and issues which is one reason I didn’t like this book as much as I could of. The book is well- written and can be enjoyed to a much wider degree by the female

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