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Theoretical Framework Essay

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Business and companies are faced with this tough question can virtual teams seamlessly substitute for face-to-face teams.   This paper shows and discusses a theoretical framework of the independent, dependent, moderating, and intervening variables in successfully implementing virtual teams.   This paper also discusses the scientific research design and all the different parts of the scientific research design such as the investigation type, study setting, unit of analysis, time horizon, researcher interference and ethical considerations.   This paper shows and discusses steps 4 and 6 of the Sekaran process.

Applying Theoretical Framework
      The business environment is constantly changing and evolving to better suffice the growing consumer base.   Companies and business have realized that the business world has changed form a domestic economy to a global economy.   Companies now have many other entities in countries all over the world.   It would not be cost effective to fly people half way around the world for a simple meeting or production issue.   Through the vast expansion of technology in the world today companies have found the best way to communicate with their entities on the other side of the world is by virtual teams.   By using the theoretical framework step of the Sekaran process it will show the many variables and relations shared to virtual teams.
      Ha: “Virtual teams can be seamlessly substituted for face-to-face group interaction in business organizations.”
There are many variables one must consider when developing a theoretical framework to better explain one’s research.   According to the author of Research Methods for Business a Skill Building Approach 4th Edition (Sekaran, 2009)“theoretical framework is a logically developed, described, and explained network of associations its effects on a dependent variable of interest to research study” (pg.424)....

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